Tuesday 22 May 2007


There seems to be a lot of confusion on this subject, tantra, tantric, tantric massage...and I will be doing my bit to add to the confusion. Tantra is rooted in the religions of the East, Buddhism, Hinduism to name a few. It is derived from the sacred language, the Sanskrit. In western society the tantric concept is seen as more sexual, heightening our sexual awareness, towards a more 'mind blowing finale'. This view, I believe came from the 1960's flower power, hippy days...The new-age Tantra is more commonly known as Neo-tantra. It's the western world's interpretation of the eastern experience. The eastern belief is that we can connect to the divine power that flows thorough the universe, to attain the ultimate level. Other words that are starting to appear on websites around the world are lingam, or linga, yoni....more to follow......please feel free to add a comment...antonio


Unknown said...

AC, Now this is a subject that we could debate forever. Tantra is about a whole body experience and involves a journey of sexual exploration and realisation. The giving of Tantra is an art, a truly erotic journey of meteoric proportions.

Regrettably Tantra is being mentioned by many so called practitioners today when they should be advertising a quick body rub followed by a happy ending!

I must book this week for some Tantra in St Albans. See you soon.

Anonymous said...

Once experienced never forgot. I encoutered a lady called Zaida in Hanover Germany in 2007 and I still smile when I think about it ...