Tuesday 22 May 2007

Naturism today

I have been a naturist for as long as I can remember, my first near-encounter with naturism was with a club in Bricket Wood, but that brought no joy,as joining up at the time as a single male was nigh-on impossible. So I took a drive down a small country lane in Kent and found myself in the grounds of the Eureka Naturist Club. Mark was running the club at the time. On chatting to him, he told me that Eureka was a no-rules club, he also was fed up with the way most of the other clubs operated at the time, the couples only rule. Mark passed away a few years ago and will be sadly missed. I really enjoyed my first day there. On the day of my arrival there was a local Camera Club in the grounds, photographing four nude models. At first I thought this was an everyday occurrence and thought wow, I'll be down EVERY weekend. On realising it was a private event, I had a word with the Camera Club Chairman, explaining how I had travelled all the way from Hertfordshire AND, I happened to have my SLR with me, he discussed it with the other members and I was invited to join in for a fee of five pounds. A good day at Eureka! I still have the photos but unfortunately no model release forms were signed, so I can't share them with you...apologies to all

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