Wednesday, 30 May 2007

You nude

You nude. This is a new idea of mine, this section will be password protected, but there is NO fee to pay if you send photos or videos in. You will gain access to the members section but, the only way to gain access is to send photos of yourself, your partner or a friend (only photos of people over 18 will be accepted, plus they have to be your work, you must have permission, if sending photos of someone else) I think a set of ten minimum, or a short video, 30 seconds minimum. I will have a collection of photos and videos that I have taken over the years, for you to see in this section, summer is nearly here so whip the cameras out strip off and get clicking. There will be a voting system so we will have a showcase section on the site. I'm looking forward to seeing your attempts. Happy clicking..To send photos, or to speak to me click here


Wine Gum said...

This is a great idea but unless you are a regular naturist the pics will be a problem. I'm happy to have some taken when I next visit for a massage if that were possible.

shirley said...

Wine Gum. You don't have to a naturist to take pics of yourself naked, you must get naked every night when you go to bed. Want a better opportunity?

Nice site Antonio, keep up the good work

Shirley x

dave said...

the u-nude site is fantastic, good work Antonio, looking forward to seeing all the pictures loaded.
many thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi All,
Sending in the photo`s is not a problem, just wonder who on earth would want to see 10 pics of me in my birthday suit though, especially as it is starting to look like it needs ironing :) LOL.

Oh asked for it.

antonio said...

Thank you Andrew, your password is active, enjoy. antonio

Anonymous said...

Hi there John B posting
Visited today (5-07-07)
visited many times before, lily gets better every time.
Also met Katie today, she has great potential and is nice and chatty
Keep up the good work Antonio

Wine Gum said...


When will we be seeing your pics on the U-nude section. I'll show you mine if you show me yours - LOL

john baker said...

Antonio you have found a gem in Katie.
Visited 19th july for an hour, any less does not give the full effect for me.
She is pleasant, talkative, great fun and gives a superb massage, very attentitive (have i spelt that right?) will be back again soon
John Baker

Anonymous said...

i'm a little confused where are the foto's people?i like the site fine but it's not doing me any good for i live in the usa near chicago love all sy

antonio said...

Hi Confused,

You don't have to live near us to see the photos.

Take some pictures of yourself or your partner. send them in to the email address on the site and I will send you the username and password

Anonymous said...

whats the minimum age

antonio said...


Anonymous said...

Well, maybe a good idea for those in the know but you won't get many new comers coz they have to show you theirs first.

Great site


PS Love to Shirley X

big_man_101 said...

hi there

ive just turned 18 and i am intrested in taking some photos of myself but im a little shy about putting them on the web!

could u give me some hint about making myself look more sexy?


JEET said...


Anonymous said...

I'm on ket and this little project thingie of yours sounds great.
Much loves

shilpa said...

Great job! Thanks for your info.


Raindrop Technique said...

Wow! Good to know there is a nude message in a naturist environment! That would be a brand new experience!