Tuesday 7 December 2010

Naturist Massage Blog Back

Hi all, the blog is back in action, so what'a been happening here at Naturist Massage services. Well the forum's gone, went for an update and it made a right mess of the naturist massage website. My fault I pulled out all the stops on the naturist massage forum, so it had all the features. But the best thing I thought was to put the naturist massage forum on hold for bit.

if you would like to input you can do so on this blog. Any subject on naturism, massage or other complementary therapies, whether you practice hot stone massage, sports massage, plus numerous others, all will be considered. i am putting together a list of topics I want to share with you, from massage treatments to oils to use at home to contraindications in massage treatments and other complementary therapies.

Look foward to sharing ideas


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