Thursday 5 July 2007

Types of Massage

Swedish massage, holistic massage, remedial massage, therapeutic massage, Indian head massage, shiatsu, acupressure, aromatherapy, reflexology, I love all types of massage, if you feel good after then it has done it's job, out of all the therapies out there the one that has impressed me the most is reflexology. I studied this many years ago and on doing a case study, I was actually blown away by the accuracy of this treatment. As most of you know reflexology is administered to the feet, or in some cases the hands. There are literally thousands of nerve endings in the feet and the theory is that these nerve endings connect to the organs in the body, so in 'massaging' the feet, you are massaging the organs connected to the nerves. Anyway, I was doing a case study on a girl whom I'd only know a couple of weeks, didn't know that much about her. As I was working on an area on the feet that corresponded to the jaw, I could feel some irregularities so I said you seem to have a problem with the left side of your jaw and the girl said, 'yes I had a car accident a few years ago and my broke jaw it has been wired up' You couldn't tell on her face, she looked very normal, but I thought wow this really works, was I impressed? that's putting it mildly, Reflexology has been in existence for over five thousand years, it was first used by the Egyptians...

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